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I will take the prerequisite Unleashing Intuition course material and transpose it into an experiential 3-day course that will take the student to unlimited abilities in the natural environments of South Lake Tahoe, Ca.  You will ingrain deep in the subconscious the abilities you were born with and learn that you have no limits to achieving and manifesting your deepest desires.

Gear List

Camel Pack/ 2 Quart

1st Line for kayaking

Nylon shorts

Nylon shirt long sleeve

water socks



(2nd Line for hiking)

Trail or Hiking Shoes


Three pairs of socks

Trail Pants/shorts

warm pullover

Warm long pants


Sunglasses W/Croakies

Collapsible Walking sticks

Rain Gear

GEAR Provided

Protein Shaker

3 protein meals per day

3 protein bars per day

Nut & dried fruit mix 

large bag of beef jerky

BBQ departure afternoon of the fourth day

You will not need a room for the course 

If you need to store your bags you can do so at my place where the course will start @ 8 AM

This course will not be like any other  type course currently being taught anywhere on the planet. the intensive course will be like moving through the wilderness with a master intuitive teaching you how to connect and experience your own intuition. it is one where I will share my deeper insights into developing the consciousness of a winner and you will perform at that level! you will learn how to create the consciousness of a superhero and the ability to actively achieve the impossible in life with structured ease. I will guide you to focus your thoughts in a consistent manner that will forever help you achieve real results that extend far beyond the average consciousness levels of most of humanity.

Course Offering Dates

August 21 - 24 2018

September 12-15 2018