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August 19- 20 2018

September 10 - 11 2018

​September 16 - 17 2018

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What you will learn in our ten easy steps two day course:

- What intuition is and how it can transform your life

- How fear and anger cancel intuition

- How to balance your ego and higher consciousness to awaken intuition

- how passion can activate intuition

- how creative consciousness ignites intuition

- Intuitive practice techniques

- why you should trust your intuition

- why sharing your intuitive insights is important

- intuitive nutrition, exercise and meditation

- intuition and love are the same and how to attract and project love 

Humanity is entering a period that can be described as a RENAISSANCE in consciousness. Join me as I reveal the secrets that have been revealed to me as a 24 year navy seal and originator of the seal teams first combat fighting course.  I systematically  tested these inherent mental skills that we all possess in combat zones  as a cia security officer. this information has been part of mystery teachings throughout time as i will reveal in my course.  when you join us for the course we will start at 9 am  at a location we will give you on registration  and  go until 12 pm when we will break for lunch for 1/2 an hour, we'll continue until 5 pm  each day.  

The seminar on the first day will have five LECTURES that will use advanced educational techniques to help you fully understand and integrate intuition into your consciousness. we'll begin with a power point presentation that i have intuitively designed to include many of my own intuitive experiences along with art, music, RELEVANT video clips from advanced teachers and movie clips that illustrate how we are always surrounded by positive examples of intuition we will have an interactive, fun and exciting time that will forever stay with you. each presentation will be followed by a meditation to help you integrate the powerful information that will be UNVEILED. 

I attended the Unleashing Intuition Course taught by Michael Jaco in Lake Tahoe and loved it. I am not a beginner to meditation or the concepts involved in the course but I was astounded at how deep the information presented went. I learned a lot of new information and techniques that I can take home and practice. The material presented covered a range that would keep the beginner, novice or advanced attendee interested. The course was laid out in ten categories and each category came with photos, videos, lectures, real life stories of the techniques being used and corresponding meditation techniques. Michael Jaco teaches the course in a professional manner and explains how these techniques have helped him through his life as a Navy SEAL and CIA security contractor.  Not only do I recommend this course to others but I plan on attending some future courses myself.

                                                                                               Michael T.

Unleashing intuition is a God given gift that every person has. In this course we learned to access our gift and increase its enormity. Bailey and I have been using our intuition for many years; however, participating in this group has allowed us to connect even more with it and with others within this group. We look forward to joining in this intuitive journey more and more.               Kathleen S.

Included in the 2-day course Breakfast fruit and muffins/Lunch sandwich items/ Snacks, Coffee, and Tea throughout the day. A light aerobic stretch in the morning and afternoon circuit course will also be offered daily. 

We will utilize examples of art, movie clips and famous quotes throughout time in our presentations and discussions to ILLUSTRATE how intuition has been part of the teachings of the greatest master teachers in history. 

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INtuition is a knowing that touches our higher consciousness.  By unleashing this ability within us we can make informed decisions that can radically impact every aspect of our lives. Intuition informs us at a level that is  far beyond the normal anylitical processing abilty  we are conditioned to utilize.

ANyone can develop the ability to unleash intuition as expert instruction from and interaction with  35 year combat decorated navy seal  team 6 and cia operative michael jaco will demonstrate.

 every master teacher throughout time has pointed toward these abilities as the ultimate awakening to our greatest inate  abilities.   

Lake Tahoe is twenty-two miles long and twelve miles wide. It's average depth is an amazing 1,645 feet. It is the 2nd deepest lake in North America, the third largest lake in North America, and the eighth largest lake in the world. It formed two million years ago when volcanic eruptions sealed two gorges in what were to be named the Sierra Nevada mountains. Then glacial run-off filled the deep canyon, and Lake Tahoe was born. Sixty-three streams and rivers continue to keep it filled. It is almost crystal clear, with a depth visibility of 50 feet, and supremely beautiful. The indigenous consider it sacred, and home to the Blue-Thunderbird, as well as a 'Loch Ness' type creature that has been sighted through out local recorded history in its vast waters. - Nevada Tourism Press

with this amazing lake at the clear blue elevation of 6,227 feet as our backdrop we'll explore the scientific and deep states of consciousness that our brains are capable of.

we'll explore  and reveal  how intuition can be unleashed and utilized for our everyday life,  our business life, investments, health, romance or even if we are involved in military and law enforcement we can vastly improve our capabilities.

This isn't the 1st time of been graced with the opportunity to learn under Michael Jaco. The 1st time, was as an impressionable young man attending US Navy SEAL training. As gifted and charismatic instructor that he was back then, he has really been given wings now. Seems he has found his calling. His ability to captivate and energize his students, is simply incredible. You will never regret this course! Cannot recommend it strongly enough.         Dan f.

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​COURSE CRITIQUEs MAY 8 & 9, 2017  

Unleashing Intuition: two day transformative course