INtuition is a knowing that touches our higher consciousness.  By unleashing this ability within us we can make informed decisions that can radically impact every aspect of our lives. Intuition informs us at a level that is  far beyond the normal anylitical processing abilty  we are conditioned to utilize.

ANyone can develop the ability to unleash intuition as expert instruction from and interaction with  35 year combat decorated navy seal  team 6 and cia operative michael jaco will demonstrate.

 every master teacher throughout time has pointed toward these abilities as the ultimate awakening to our greatest inate  abilities.   

Lake Tahoe is twenty-two miles long and twelve miles wide. It's average depth is an amazing 1,645 feet. It is the 2nd deepest lake in North America, the third largest lake in North America, and the eighth largest lake in the world. It formed two million years ago when volcanic eruptions sealed two gorges in what were to be named the Sierra Nevada mountains. Then glacial run-off filled the deep canyon, and Lake Tahoe was born. Sixty-three streams and rivers continue to keep it filled. It is almost crystal clear, with a depth visibility of 50 feet, and supremely beautiful. The indigenous consider it sacred, and home to the Blue-Thunderbird, as well as a 'Loch Ness' type creature that has been sighted through out local recorded history in its vast waters. - Nevada Tourism Press

with this amazing lake at the clear blue elevation of 6,227 feet as our backdrop we'll explore the scientific and deep states of consciousness that our brains are capable of.

we'll explore  and reveal  how intuition can be unleashed and utilized for our everyday life,  our business life, investments, health, romance or even if we are involved in military and law enforcement we can vastly improve our capabilities.

This isn't the 1st time of been graced with the opportunity to learn under Michael Jaco. The 1st time, was as an impressionable young man attending US Navy SEAL training. As gifted and charismatic instructor that he was back then, he has really been given wings now. Seems he has found his calling. His ability to captivate and energize his students, is simply incredible. You will never regret this course! Cannot recommend it strongly enough.         Dan f.

Course overview

​COURSE CRITIQUEs MAY 8 & 9, 2017  

Unleashing Intuition: two day transformative course

I attended the Unleashing Intuition Course taught by Michael Jaco in Lake Tahoe and loved it. I am not a beginner to meditation or the concepts involved in the course but I was astounded at how deep the information presented went. I learned a lot of new information and techniques that I can take home and practice. The material presented covered a range that would keep the beginner, novice or advanced attendee interested. The course was laid out in ten categories and each category came with photos, videos, lectures, real life stories of the techniques being used and corresponding meditation techniques. Michael Jaco teaches the course in a professional manner and explains how these techniques have helped him through his life as a Navy SEAL and CIA security contractor.  Not only do I recommend this course to others but I plan on attending some future courses myself.

                                                                                               Michael T.

Unleashing Intuition: In Ten Easy Steps. Two-Day Course

Ten Questions


1 - Tell us about yourself and why you feel you are qualified to teach about Unleashing Intuition?

I grew up in Columbia, SC and enlisted in the US Navy in October 1978 with the intention of fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming a Navy UDT/SEAL, Underwater Demolition Team/Sea Air and Land Special Forces Operator. I started out as a 2nd class Hard Hat Diver on a US Navy fleet ship designed to rescue submarines. I eventually transferred after a couple of years to BUD/S, Basic Underwater Demolition/Sea Air and Land Training in 1980 and finished with training class 116 in early 1981. I went to many different commands and learned many skills over the years. My Commands in order were UDT-12, SEAL Team-5 (ST-5), SEAL Team-6 (Red Squadron) where I was Leading Petty Officer for the team and an Assault Team Chief, I was also the first squadron operations chief and was involved in combat action in Panama, I went on to BUD/S as the first phase (Hell Week) Leading Chief, After a few years I went from Basic Training to Advanced Training and started the SEAL Team’s first approved training course for hand - to - hand fighting,

I then went to Guam and was the Operations Chief for the forward deployed West Coast SEAL Teams. During my Time in Guam I pushed my diving skills to a new level and became a PADI Dive Instructor. I then went to SEAL Team-3 (ST-3) as chief of a platoon and deployed to the Middle East. Later at ST-3, I started a very comprehensive training course in (CQC) Close Quarter Combat that was modeled after the training at ST-6. No other Team other that ST-6 had such extensive and realistic training. The average training for a pre-deployment training in CQC before I took over was just three week’s, I pushed it to 12 weeks. After ST-3 I went to the US Naval Academy as a senior enlisted motivator. My last SEAL Team was SEAL Team-4 where I was an Operations Chief.  My last several commands ranked me as the number one chief in the command. My entire career in the Navy lasted over 24 years and I was constantly involved in pushing the envelope in self-development and bringing the skills that I learned back to share them with my teammates.

When I left the service I started my own business training highly motivated people in martial arts, wilderness survival, tracking, heightened awareness skills and even a civilian version of Hell Week. All my courses were highly sought after and the students performed at incredible levels. Looking to supplement my fledgling business I ventured into combat zone security contracting. I did a year working for the State Department In Iraq protecting Ambassador Bremer in a senior leadership position. This is the period when I had a supernatural Arch Angel Michael experience that radically deepened and eventually led to heightening my fledgling intuitive abilities. I would eventually move on to security work for the CIA that would last for over ten years and take me to combat zones all over the Middle East in direct support of military operations. I was part of helping to eliminate many terrorists and terrorist cells. My intuition developed at a level that I have not witnessed or heard of anyone having the abilities that I have. I would brief teams about how they could develop their own intuition and often gave intuitive insights about upcoming attacks, sometimes as much as one week out. I intuited that one of the persons we were working with would lead us to Osama ben Laden and he did. These are just a few of the skills that I developed over 35 years in the most elite units in the world.

I’m skilled at intuitively knowing what people can handle as far as information and have tailored my training for each group I work with. I’m highly skilled at leading people to find their highest potential within themselves and have a dedicated passion for this line of work. I can create something miraculous from nothing and intend to turn every fiber of my existence into creating the ultimate training course for helping people unleash incredible potential within themselves.

2 - What is this course about?

Helping people from all walks of life to deeply understand and connect with the highest-level consciousness that is available to every human being.  Intuition is a knowing without knowing from the normal day five senses. As you develop your mind through correctly focusing your thoughts, as I’ll describe and physically demonstrate in my two-day course, you can unleash the ability to go beyond the five senses and pull in information that can radically inform you in any aspect of your life instantaneously.  When these events happen in your life where you just know something but don’t know how they came to your consciousness, they are intuitive moments and I’ll help you recognize them and help you tap into them at will. The information and techniques that I will teach will monumentally transform your life for the better.

3 - Why should I come to the course?

Many people think the things that I talk about having done are fantastical and hard to believe. Seeing is believing, for most people, even the cautious skeptic, which is what I want people to come away with, don’t believe everything you hear and see, do the research, when you see me demonstrating how your thoughts manifest in the physical world you can no longer be a skeptic. I’m giving you truths that will begin to transform the way you see the world and process information. You begin to see with your own eyes and experience physically that the information that I have learned and share is actually true and that anyone can use it. This is hard to share in a book at the level that I’m sharing it. Experiential training is powerful and can transform in as little as two days as every attendee will witness and experience for themselves.

4 - Why hold the course in Lake Tahoe? 

Lake Tahoe has been revered for hundreds of years by the Native American Tribes as a spiritual and sacred location. I have a connection with Arch Angel Michael and while many people sensitive to his energy, including myself feel his presence here, it is not only that, it is also a beautiful place to enjoy. The energy of the crystalline water manifests far out into the environment and ignites powerful emotions that we will use during meditations after all ten classes to amplify the information presented. We are composed of nearly 80% water and the earth is also nearly 80% water. Learning how to positively influence our bodies, minds and the environment as I have done in the most negative environments (combat zones) in the world and turned them positive, as we’ll discuss and demonstrate, can not only change your life but also those around you and the environment you live and work in.  

5 - Why are you offering the two-day Unleashing Intuition Course at such a low rate of $200.00? Many courses with instructors with a fraction of your experience and offering far less go for ten times what you are advertising.

By offering the course at this rate I intend to attract people that would otherwise not be interested in a course dealing with intuition. Most people have a vague idea what intuition is and don’t quite comprehend the unlimited potential that unlocking intuition can bring. Eventually these courses will attract far larger audiences when the value of unleashing intuition become recognized and as demand rapidly increases so also will the price. I will also hold private courses for very select audiences at prices that most people would find it impossible to find the funding. I intend to share this information with the world and will travel all over the globe. The initial courses will seem like incredible opportunities missed for those that hesitate.

6 - Where should I stay while attending the course?

I recommend staying where the course will be held at the Harvey’s Resort and Casino. We will be using the Convention Center Room Emerald Bay #2. It will be set up for an optional dinner after the first day’s courses are completed. Harvey’s Resort is deeply discounted right now giving even greater value to attending the event. By staying at the resort you need walk only a short distance to and from the elevator to go to your hotel room floor. The rooms are all luxurious with spectacular views.  I recommend when you check-in to ask for the highest level floor you can get, with a low number and an odd number to get the best facing views, for instance 1905, 1811 or 1703. Also, by being in the resort you receive free valet parking or plenty of self-parking. There is a Bell Desk, a Concierge Desk for information on the many local events and exciting destinations to explore, a luxurious pool and spa with a view of the lake and snow covered mountains, an amazing workout room with locker rooms for changing and that also contain a sauna. Want a massage and or a full service spa? Just right next door at Harrah’s a short walk through an underground tunnel. Plenty of restaurants abound from casual food courts to luxurious dinning with a spectacular views. There are many reasons to stay at Harvey’s even if you are a local but if you must save a few dollars there are plenty of places to stay within walking distance or a short drive.

7 - Why are you holding the course on a Monday and Tuesday?

Most conferences that are held by professionals happen on these days. It allows for the participants to spend time with family on the weekends and travel out on Sunday night while they sleep on the flight and arrive near the conference and either shuttle from the airport to the hotel they are staying at or rent a car. These options are available if you fly into Reno international airport and take the two-hour shuttle directly to the hotel of your choice. You can also fly into Sacramento International airport and take a two-hour drive from there as well. You can also arrive a day or two early into Tahoe and enjoy the many different options available to explore, dine and unwind. From as far away as Baltimore, Maryland I’ve driven across country with my daughter switching the seat for driving and it took us just two days. If you had someone else to drive with, you could leave pretty much anywhere in the US and be here in Tahoe Monday at 12 PM when we start the course, if you leave when you get off work or school on Friday afternoon. But of course I was a Navy SEAL and my young daughter has great genes. LOL. Reaching beyond the limits of what most people consider normal is what I’m going to teach you how to do.

8 - What should I bring for that time of year in Lake Tahoe (May 8 & 9)?


We have had an amazing winter this year. The snow fall has exceeded 550 “ on many of the surrounding peaks. Ski season is going to last well into May for many of the local ski locations. You can bring cold weather wear for skiing, hiking clothes, bathing suit for sunning and swimming by the pool or if you can walk a short distance from the hotel to a sandy shore along the lake, formal wear for night life and dining, or just some comfortable casual clothes for the Unleashing Intuition event.  When we are doing the ten different meditations you may want to have eye masks and a blanket you can cover yourself with. Temperatures can vary greatly. You can be in shorts and short sleeves one day with the sun out and temps in the 60’s and the next day it can be snowing and temps in the low thirty’s.  When I hiked around Tahoe in May two years ago when I did over two-thousand miles on the Pacific Crest Trail it snowed heavily on the peaks around Tahoe when I came through. I’ll work on having the weather perfect for the course.

9 - Who can come to the course? Is there an age limit or do you need to be physically fit like a Navy SEAL? Do I need to have any special beliefs?

I welcome everyone with an open mind and a desire to expand their personal capabilities. If you have a teenager in your family that seems mature, open-minded, has the discipline and desire to learn incredible information and who you think would greatly benefit from this information by all means bring them! Imagine if we taught all of our children at an early age to unleash their intuition what a different world this would be. As far as being physically fit you don’t have to be ready for Hell Week or really any physical activity other than getting to and from the event. Harvey’s has handicap access throughout the building so if you are handicapped you are also welcome. I have studied virtually every religion and philosophy known to man past and present. I honor everyone’s beliefs and welcome the diversity that different viewpoints will bring to the course. These courses will attract a very wide spectrum of people from every walk of life and we will all learn from each other and because of the nature of this material, lasting memories and friendships will be made.

10 - I would like to keep expanding my own intuition after your course. Do you intend to offer more courses and books in the future?

Absolutely! The material within me is vast and my desire to share it unlimited. My energy is boundless and my enthusiasm for the material and what it can do to not only transform individuals but also change the paradigm of human consciousness is humbling. I strongly believe we are on the verge of a renaissance in human consciousness with this material. Much has been given to me, and I feel it is my responsibility and destiny to share it.

I look forward to Unleashing Intuition in YOU!  

We will utilize examples of art, movie clips and famous quotes throughout time in our presentations and discussions to ILLUSTRATE how intuition has been part of the teachings of the greatest master teachers in history. 

What you will learn in our ten easy steps two day course:

- What intuition is and how it can transform your life

- How fear and anger cancel intuition

- How to balance your ego and higher consciousness to awaken intuition

- how passion can activate intuition

- how creative consciousness ignites intuition

- Intuitive practice techniques

- why you should trust your intuition

- why sharing your intuitive insights is important

- intuitive nutrition, exercise and meditation

- intuition and love are the same and how to attract and project love 

Humanity is entering a period that can be described as a RENAISSANCE in consciousness. Join me as I reveal the secrets that have been revealed to me as a 24 year navy seal and originator of the seal teams first combat fighting course.  I systematically  tested these inherent mental skills that we all possess in combat zones  as a cia security officer. this information has been part of mystery teachings throughout time as i will reveal in my course.  when you join us for the course we will start at 9 am  at a location we will give you on registration  and  go until 12 pm when we will break for lunch for 1/2 an hour, we'll continue until 5 pm  each day.  

The seminar on the first day will have five LECTURES that will use advanced educational techniques to help you fully understand and integrate intuition into your consciousness. we'll begin with a power point presentation that i have intuitively designed to include many of my own intuitive experiences along with art, music, RELEVANT video clips from advanced teachers and movie clips that illustrate how we are always surrounded by positive examples of intuition we will have an interactive, fun and exciting time that will forever stay with you. each presentation will be followed by a meditation to help you integrate the powerful information that will be UNVEILED. 

Unleashing intuition is a God given gift that every person has. In this course we learned to access our gift and increase its enormity. Bailey and I have been using our intuition for many years; however, participating in this group has allowed us to connect even more with it and with others within this group. We look forward to joining in this intuitive journey more and more.               Kathleen S.

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