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Not what you probably would expect...

...but a great read nonetheless. Michael takes you on a trip through his experiences as a Navy Seal and how those experiences helped to awaken a natural intuitive ability.

Sharpened in combat, this warrior is a man of peace. His greatest ally is love. It is comforting to know that there are white-hats like Michael out there.

Can't recommend the book strongly enough. Not only is the story compelling, but also, Michael outlines some basic techniques for the reader to perform in order to start awakening our own abilities. One of the keys is...belief--that you can do it in the first place.

I believe.

The book is informative, motivating and entertaining. Tough to top that combo. Amazon just made a request that I sell the book back--not going to happen. I took notes in mine and will use it as a reference.

Thank you Michael!

It was remarkable to see so many of the parallels between Michael Jaco's path and my own. I am a also retired Spec Ops veteran who is also working as a contractor. It was great to see all the different resources and different aspects that he mentioned in his book as i was very familiar with almost every one.

Though my intuitive ability isn't nearly as fine-tuned as his is, most especially when it comes to predicting attacks, intuition is something that you have to really work on and trust. This is a good book for warriors and non warriors alike to see the potentiality of honing more than your 5 basic senses.

I totally agree that living your day to day life in a higly vibrational state will definitely keep positive things happening in your life as opposed to living in a state of fear or even paying attention to those that push fear. Too many folks are just plugging along every day listening to their ego without working on aspects of self-development or investigating meta-physical potentialities that could drastically improve their life.

I hope to cross paths with Michael Jaco at some point and be able to engage in some great conversations. This book shows the possibilites that can be used even in a hazardous and harsh environment.

I've often wondered what inspires the heroes of today; so many of us look to them for guidance and inspiration. What started them on their journey, and how did they develop themselves?
As soon as I read The Intuitive Warrior, I knew that the heroes of today--the heroes I speak of--look to men like Michael Jaco.

This isn't going to be a tutorial on the U.S. Navy SEALs. But if you know anything about the world's elite special operations force, you know that you have to be something special to become a SEAL in the first place. SEAL Team 6; the best of the best--Jaco was a part of SEAL Team 6. In fact, Jaco was so good that he became an instructor to the SEALs. He created (yes, created) fighting courses used by the SEALs. The decorated and combat-experienced Jaco has numerous medals, ribbons, accreditations and certifications. Jaco is also a martial arts master.

As you can see, Jaco's credentials are enough to inspire anyone. I don't know Michael Jaco, but after reading The Intuitive Warrior, I know that Michael Jaco is full of love--love for his family, his country, his brothers and himself. Michael Jaco loves life, and love is the platform on which Jaco's genius projects.

If you didn't know Jaco's background while reading The Intuitive Warrior, you may think he's a psychiatrist; a geologist; a philosopher; a historian; a scientist or a teacher. Actually, Jaco is all of the aforementioned, but so much more.

The Intuitive Warrior provides solid guidance on how to recognize one's intuitive abilities. The book also provides inspirational real-life stories from Jaco's experiences as a warrior. Also provided are credible philosophies that can be incorporated into one's life, increasing the quality of one's existence. And the greatest part about all of this is that Jaco wants to teach you--he could snuff you out within a blink of an eye, but he would rather sit you down, show you the error of your ways and send you happily on your way. It's just as if by reading his words, you begin to develop a renewed sense of yourself, in addition to a connection with the author himself.

The focal point of The Intuitive Warrior is to teach you about honing and developing your intuition. But the book also provides insight into developing your inner warrior, and overcoming fear. Personally, I have starting using this book as a study guide, a text. And it's starting to look like one. This book needs to be read several times to fully benefit from its content, and you shouldn't expect to master any of its lessons overnight; it has taken Jaco several decades to become the master that he is.

In closing, Michael Jaco is a genius. He is a true warrior and real hero. As stated earlier, I've never met Michael Jaco, but through The Intuitive Warrior, he has become my mentor.

Read The Intuitive Warrior, and your journey shall begin.

Get this book and read it! Mr.Jaco has enlightened and given us a whole new way to look at the world and ourselves. I have already applied some of his advice and seen immediate results.

I absolutely congratulate him on having the courage and wisdom to disclose his personal stories; and introduce the reader to ideas, notions and perspectives they never imagined. I thought the book was going to be something totally different. What a GREAT surprise.

Please write more Mike, from a former FMF Corpsman - Consider me a lifelong fan and admirer!