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Past Lives of a Navy SEAL Remembered

Jaco, Michael K CreateSpace (368 pp.) $18.95 paperback, $9.99 e-book ISBN: 978-1497521261; July 10, 2014


An autobiography of sorts that explores the author’s past lives in several historical time periods.

In his present life, Jaco (The Intuitive Warrior, 2010) is a retired Navy SEAL with an interest in past-life regression. He writes about his past incarnations, ranging from people in important positions in ancient Egypt to inhabitants of the lost continent of Atlantis, focusing not only on who he once was, but what he has learned. Whether sailing with the Argonauts or riding with the Knights of the Templar, he writes that his experiences taught him important lessons in spiritual fulfillment. He represents reincarnation not as a meaningless cycle but as a process for the advancement of one’s soul and for realizing one’s purpose in life: “The way I see it, realizing the divine purpose that is waiting to unfold within us and devotedly allowing that objective to evolve...is the most fulfilling aspect in life we can ever experience.” Aware that many of his statements may seem far-fetched to skeptics, the author maintains a positive tone as he encourages readers to explore their own past life regressions. The fact that such encouragement comes from a former member of an elite military organization will certainly open concepts to readers who might not normally explore them. Whether readers will be interested in some of the more fantastical statements, such as that the pharaohs were “descendants of extraterrestrial races,” will depend greatly on readers’ own preconceptions. It’s unlikely that skeptics will be persuaded that telepathy was a form of communication in the time of Siddhartha, for example, simply because the author says it was. Those who are interested in the ambiguous possibilities of ancient history, however, will find the book worthwhile.

A collection of one man’s past-life experiences that will intrigue readers who believe that ancient history contains much more than we currently understand.

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"The Awakening of a Warrior: Past Lives of a Navy SEAL Remembered (Volume 1)" is an amazing book adding to a superb and growing collection written by modern day warrior Michael Jaco. Past Life Regressions are a very interesting subject. Being able to access your akashic records and witness the past, as well as your involvement in historical events, is a truly exciting and remarkable talent. Mr. Jaco's writing is both captivating and informative. His ability to recount events through guided meditative practices, coupled with thorough research in historical and scholarly sources is unparalleled.

This is an excellent book which I am proud to say I've read. Favorite chapters include the Spartans and with Jason and the Argonauts.

This is the second book I have read by Michael Jaco and I highly recommend both books. Michael Jaco hits the mark again with this book on his numerous past lives. Michael Jaco uses a unique writing style that layers his own experiences in past life studies through hypnosis, psychic readings and intuitive practices and meditation with historical information that buttresses the events he states from his own experience. As you progress through the book Michael will tie chapters together with personal information that has happened to him in this lifetime. This book is the first installment of a trilogy of past life books that Michael will write and publish. This book is well worth the money for anyone interested in exploring past life history and reincarnation. Michael Tomlinson

Excellent, honest and very personal testimony from a true spiritual warrior, who combines a sound sense of rationalism with an open heart and mind - the keys to accessing higher forms of consciousness. It is great to see how men who really proved their valor in this life already many times and looked death in the eye with true defiance, keep their sense of duty and kindness towards all forms of life. Unique and rare treats for a man who at first sight might be considered as just another muscled American soldier... As a man with very similar reflexes and character traits, but less proven honor and valor (since in this life I have not been required to risk my own life while defending that of others - yet), I am humbled and at the same time very glad this book is being published. I invite all other "no nonsense" seekers out there to purchase a copy, it is well worth the investment.