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Get one on one coaching from an expert Navy seal and cia security VETERAN with 35 years of expereince

I will give you expert level insights and advice on a variety of subjects. want to overcome fears and obstacles in your life?

Would you like advice on diet, nutrition, workout programs from a twenty-four year SEAL combat veteran that served at the very highest levels of the seal community?  as One of the most RENOWNED motivators in the history of seal training in first phase the hell week phase i can motivate you to greatness.  I've also won several bodybuilding trophies and have insight into cutting your physique into competition shape, male or female.

Want insight and coaching into developing your own intuition? become a master at manifesting your dreams by having your own personal session . Learn from the insights of someone that has the focus and mind boosting technology to help you make it happen in your own life.

Whatever your focus is in life let someone with the EXPERIENCE and know how help motivate you to excel.

One hour sessions just $50.00 I will set up a pre and post consultation through email or facebook and then skype with you for an hour.