Unleashing Intuition

You can PURCHASE your own transformative books online in our bookstore. Your new books, shipped free, will arrive autographed by navy seal team six author michael jaco with a personal message.  The Intuitive Warrior: Lessons from a Navy SeAL on unleashing your intuition and the awakening of a warrior: past lives of a navy seal remembered.  get the books and enroll in the unleashing intuition: ten easy steps to unleashing your own intuition, 2 day course in beautiful south lake tahoe all online. 

Unleash Your Hidden inner Potential in our Ten Easy Steps Course in fabulous lake tahoe 

Join Us in Beautiful South Lake Tahoe for a once in a lifetime 2 Day, Unleashing Intuition: in Ten Easy Steps Course. Learn the Secrets of a professional 35 Year Veteran Navy SEAL Team 6 assault team operator, CIA Security Operative, master instructor and author on How to Unleash Your Own Intuition. Radically change  your life, Health, Wealth and Personal Relationships and live the life of your dreams. 

In my own hero's journey I have journeyed into the world of the navy seal and cia security contractor. as I describe in my book the intuitive warrior i had an archangel michael experience which opened up intuitive powers within. i have  tested these new powers, developed, expanded and brought them back to share and benefit the world. Come join me in archangel michael's domain in fabulous lake tahoe as i share my deep levels of knowledge and wisdom so that you can also benfit from your own hero's journey. Through an easy ten step method using educational psychology i will expertly guide you to unleash the intuitive power within yourself. everyone of us has the potential of unlocking the hero within us. join me as i share how you can unlock your own hidden potential and begin manifesting the world of your dreams.

Unleashing Intuition

​Begin Your Own Hero's Journey as the author of the book, "the intuitive warrior: lessons from a navy seal on unleashing your hidden potential," expertly guides you With an exciting, interactive presentation to realize your inner most dreams. Using cutting edge educational TECHNIQUES i mastered as a Navy SEAL, master training specialist, i will advance your powers of perception in ways that are unavailable anywhere else on earth. using my hard won knowledge of 35 years on the cutting edge of the worlds most elite units i will use educational PSYCHOLOGY techniques that ACCELERATE the learning process to impossible levels with ease. i have learned these techniques in the toughest training environments on earth, navy seal training where i was also an instructor in the development of navy seals during hell week. 

Map of Consciousness

One of the many tools i'll use to unleash intuition in our two day course is the Map of Consciousness. Designed after the work of Power vs Force author David Hawkins. Notice the line of courage that muscle tests at 200. From above this line is where intuition begins to come through. The higher up in consciousness scale you rise the more access you have to intuition. Where are you at on this scale? does it shift for you throughout the day?  We'll give you the knowledge necessary to advance above and stay above the 200 line . Humanity as a whole just recently advanced above this line and was at 204 just a few years ago. It usually takes 100 years to advnce just a few points. We will move you well into the 500 level and above through our powerful techniques of consciousness advancement.